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Tip for better Resume / CV

What need to write on a Resume?

Everyone wants to make resume looks a different. But, there are some key elements are simillar to everyone's resume. like Contact Information, Carrer Objective, Education Qualification, Skills, Experience (Work and Education), Hobbies, Reference. How you organize each of these elements within different sections depends on where you are at in your career, and how relevant certain sections are to the job you are pursuing.

For example, if you haven't enough Achievements or experience to put in resume, but instead you can include them under other sections, such as when describing your work experience. Also keep in mind that there are several other sections where you can put on your resume, including Volunteer Experience, Interests, and Certifications etc.

How to Write a First Resume?

Creating your first resume can be hard because you will not have a lot of job experience. Students or new graduate looking to create their first resume should include all past experience, volunteer work and education dating back to high school.

They will also want to make sure that their resume includes relevant school/college/post graduate projects and other extra-curricular activities. Consider including skills drawn from hobbies and extra courses, certificate as well.

There are mainly three types of resume formats

1) Reverse chronological resume

The reverse chronological format is the most widely used resume format because it's give prioritizes to your most recent work experience or education. It is suited to job applicants at any stage of their careers.

2) Functional resume

The functional format is better suited to people who want to work in skills-based jobs or need to give particular skills because they have gaps in their employment history or want to make a career change. That’s because the skills section is given greater attention than work experience or education.

3) Combined resume

The combination format is the mix of reverse chronological and functional ,combined type resume giving equal weight to skills and experience.